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Belief is not required; merely an openness to noticing what is already fully present.  

About Devon

A seeker of Truth and a meditator for 18 years, Devon recently spent four consecutive years (2013-2017) in constant study and practice of Advaita (non-duality) philosophy and meditation. Sitting at the feet of a Realized Master in the Himalayas of northern India, she had the rare opportunity and time to ask questions, challenge every single belief she had, and investigate thoroughly not only the nature of consciousness but also the key to living free of suffering.  

Devon is a teacher for WITHIN Meditation as well as for Octave in San Francisco, while regularly leading corporate workshops on Mindfulness and Stress-Reduction and guided meditation sessions for companies on both coasts.  She contributes content to the meditation-based app Aura Health, and is a featured voice for Core Wellness. 

Simply put, whatever level you are at, she can assist you to go deeper.  For beginners, she is equipped with varied approaches to meditation, as well as tools to employ when it seems you are having difficulty meditating.  For those established in their practice, she offers a deepening and maturing of that state which is constantly available even while not meditating, through the examination of what meditation really is. Everyone, regardless of experience, can find a definitive answer to the question "Who am I?"  through the process of guided self-inquiry.  No matter your experience, her approach effectively reduces stress and promotes well-being. 


M e d i t a t e  w i t h D e v o n


Meditate with Devon Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 2 locations in

San Francisco:

Within Meditation 



Want Devon to come to your home or have a one-on-one session in a yoga studio?  Book Devon for a private meditation anytime.


Book Devon for a group meditation at your office, at home with your family, or with friends.  Ask about her 60min Meditation-based

Stress Reduction Workshop!


"Devon is my favorite meditation teacher in SF, hands down. She keeps it real and reminds me that meditation isn’t something to do- it’s reconnecting with what I already am."  -Jennie H. 

Devon is an exceptional meditation teacher and guide. She is very
dedicated and passionate, as well as being full of knowledge and
wisdom. She has great skill and cares so much for her student's peace
of mind and well being. I am so so grateful that I get to work with
her on a weekly basis because I can feel myself becoming more grounded
and balanced through out work together. Thank you, Devon! -Atosa B. 

“I consistently go deeper when meditating with Devon than I have anywhere else. Discussing afterwards, she gives clear advice and pushes me to cut through the bullshit.”  -Ben V.

"Prior to Devon, I thought I was incapable of meditating. But I took her advice that anyone can meditate. I am hooked on her classes as she creates a safe space that is non-judgmental, explorative and caring. Devon is an exceptional teacher with in-depth knowledge and training of meditation and the passion to share. Her soothing voice and resonating advice is the perfect combination for guided meditation. I'm very thankful for my experiences learning with Devon as it's made me more present, confident and ultimately happier."

-Danielle G.

"Devon is an excellent meditation teacher. Her insight is unmatched. She can work with all levels of experience, and will continually push you to deepen your practice." 

-Joseph B.

"Devon is the ONLY meditation teacher that is able to get me to the clear headed space of nothingness and elevation. Her gentle demeanor and approach are met with a strength and confidence that is contagious. I always looks forward to class with Devon and the opportunity to be around her." 

-Kady P.

"Devon and her teachings have transformed my life. I was lucky to meet Devon during a phase of significant change in my life, and I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance and support. She has provided me with unparalleled clarity and has reminded me of my own strength, emboldening me to take action to live a life in alignment with my own Truth.

If you are seeking to deepen your meditation practice, anchor yourself amidst a chaotic world, explore higher consciousness, make transformative change within your life, or all of the above, Devon can facilitate your growth in immeasurable ways."

-Alison K. 

"Devon is an incredible meditation teacher and person. I've worked with her 1:1 and in a group setting, and she is always so present, patient, and knowledgeable. She is able to guide students of any level, and is a wealth of so much wisdom from her past experiences. I highly recommend working with Devon!!"    -Kelsey L.

"Devon speaks from her own experience. She has a rich sense of humor regarding the mind's antics and gets straight to the point which is absorption in your own true nature."

 -Sandra H.

Book Recommendations

I Am That

by Nisargadatta Maharaj

White Fire

by Mooji

Meet Your True Self Through Meditation

by Swami Shyam

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