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Meditate with Devon Monday nights 6-7pm at Within Meditation in San Francisco. 

Belief is not required; merely an openness to noticing what is already fully present.  

A seeker of Truth and a meditator for 15 years, Devon, renamed Divya Devi ("Divine Goddess")  by her beloved Guru,  spent the past few years (2013-2017) in constant study and practice of Advaita (non-duality) philosophy and meditation. Sitting at the feet of a Realized Master in the Himalayas of northern India, she had the rare opportunity and time to ask questions, challenge every single belief she had, and investigate thoroughly not only the nature of consciousness but also the key to living free of suffering.  


Simply put, whatever level you are at, she can assist you to go deeper.  For beginners, she is equipped with varied approaches to meditation, as well as tools to employ when it seems you are having difficulty meditating.  For those established in their practice, she offers a deepening and maturing of that state which is constantly available even while not meditating, through the examination of what meditation really is and why we need to do it.  Everyone, regardless of experience, can find a definitive answer to the question "Who am I?"  through the process of guided self-inquiry.  Belief is not required; merely an openness to noticing what is already fully present.  

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 "After years of Mindfulness meditation I was seeking to deepen my practice, and I wanted to know more about Enlightenment.  I chose Devon because of her time spent in India with a Realized Guru, and she definitely was the perfect informant and guide for me!  She could answer all of my questions because she had already done the work of self-inquiry."

-Krista Lettko

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